Sunday, May 18, 2008

Time for SUMO

Friday night we went to the York Revoltion baseball game with my family for a little gathering. It was FREEZING and raining (pretty much the most miserable daye EVER), but we were in a sky box, so we were warm and surrounded by good food and ultimately some heavenly chocolate peanut butter birthday cake, but I digress. Georgia had a blast tearing it up with her cousin Maya, and Hughie spent the evening charming the pants off everyone. I still can't quite get over how freaking cute that kid is! And to spice things up, Mandi and I did the sumo wrestling at the top of the fourth.

So let me set the stage here. Mandi and I are whisked down into the bowels of the baseball stadium where our sumo suits awaited us. There were a couple of girls who got us suited up in the suits and helmets. I could barely look at Mandi without peeing myself, so I tried to keep my back to her. They had these giant nipples painted on the suit and these foam thongs. It was honestly one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

They lead us out to the field along the third base line. Just as were nearing the opposing team bull pen, an umpire comes over to our little posse and basically starts yelling at us that WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE YET. Our posse leader then turns to us and tells us that we need to move very quickly into the opposing team's dug out. So we're hustling along in these giant suits, looking much like giant flesh colored bowling balls, run waddling barefoot on the muddly field and trying not to pee out pants. Every time I looked at Amanda in that ridiculous black helmet it took everything I had not to dissolve into an uncontrollable laughing fit. We decided in advance that I would get to "win" because it was my birthday. When the time came, we waddled out onto the field and it was SUMO time. The first round I knocked Mandi over and then tried my best to sumo superfly her, and I guess I did a decent job, I have no idea. I tried really hard to ham it up, but decided against an Austin Powers' style nipple rub that I thought would have been hilarious, but it is a family show. I would give anything to see photos or a video, but we were really far from the box where our family was. Second round I went down HARD on my back. The giant ill-fitting helmet was compltely worthless as I crashed my head into the ground, seeing stars (and regretting signing that waiver). They got me back on my feet and it was round three. Mandi decides to turn and run from me, and just seeing her run in that suit was almost too much. She didn't make it far before slipping and falling on her face and I tried my best to get a running start to my superfly this time. After my victory we were ushered back into the dug out where we were extricated from the sumo suits in front of the whole Lancaster Barnstormer team. My mother had promised that our sumo match would pretty much be anonymous (the helmets pretty much cover your whole face) and there we are revealing ourselves to a bunch of young male athletes, good times.

I'm still amazed that I managed to NOT pee my pants, but I definitely recommend taking a change of underwear to any of you out there who are thinking about doing the sumo. It was quite an experience and I'm sorry that I don't have a video clip to share.

Here is a clip of someone else sumo wrestling at a basball game to help you with the visual. Enjoy.

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