Monday, May 5, 2008

Free Agent

Right now I am sitting at my computer and liesurely drinking my coffee without Hughie attempting to shove plastic knives down the air vents or Georgia whining that she HAS TO WATCH MAX AND RUBY. The sun is shining and I'm trying my best to enjoy this little piece of heaven that I'm experiencing. Hugh is with Chris at Glo's and G-Ro is with Aunt Mandi. I have so many options, I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. Go to the gym for two hours? Pedi? A nice, peaceful trip to the grocery store? Target? Pottery Barn Outlet? Vegas? The possibilities are endless. I'll probably end up cleaning because the cleaning lady comes tomorrow - we all know how that goes. Regardless, it will be theraputic because I will be able to do it uninterrupted and with cheesy country blaring in the background. Chris (Glo) and Mandi, thank you for this gift!!

With the boys out of town, G-Ro and I spent the past two days with Mimi and Papa. We hit two York Revolution baseball games (my first). Yesterday was "bring your dog to the park" day and they had a golden retriever named Jack who served as both bat boy and water boy. Between innings Jack would trot out to each umpire with a basket full of water bottles and wait until they had a drink and then trot off to the next umpire. It was amazing. The SPCA was there showing off some really cute adoptables and I *almost* came home with a yellow lab/basset hound mix named "Riley." He was insanely adorable!

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