Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween is undoubtedly my favorite holiday of the year. I love the craziness of it, the costumes, the candy, the small of the fall leaves, all of it. And I disovered this year that my neighborhood is even more awesome than I had suspected. On Halloween, two adjacent neighbors had actual smoke machines. One neighbor even had a dancing and singing skeleton. There I was with my blinking putpose bats and jack-o-lanterns thinking I had it pretty well covered. Nope. I've really got to step it up next year! And this ups the anty for Christmas. I want to go Griswold, so we'll see.

The weekend before Halloween we went to costume party at Jay's. Josh was a wet t-short costume winner. The costume is even more entertaining considering that the party was essentially a children's party. Forgot to mention that detail to Jay. Our Leprechaun/Rainbow costume theme was a hit, but I definitely need to add a pot of gold next year.

On Friday we went to a Halloween party at yet another cool neighbor's house. Their daughter is in Georgia's first grade class and they are becoming fast friends. The kids dressed as Supergirl and Spiderman and had a great time. On Saturday we went tric-or-treating in Mount Wolf. The kids went as Queen and Mr. Skeleton. As much as they liked getting candy, they discovered that they much preferred GIVING it away. Yes, you heard me correctly. At Gigi's house (Chuck's grandma) they helped her give away the treats and decided then and there that on Halloween that's what they wanted to do. So, after the Halloween parade with the drunken crazy woman who got the kids lots of candy and balloons by terrorizing parade participants, we got the candy ready and sat on the porch. The kids spent trick-or-treat night giving away candy and they loved it. They fought a little over whose turn it was to give it away, but they came up with a system. Aunt Mandi came over too, to help. Hughie was particularly proud of our "puking pumkin" and made sure to tell everyone about it. I did take Hughie around a little at the end so we could go around the corner and see the house that everyone was talking about. It was INSANE. I'm talking MONTHS of prep work and thousands of dollars of decor. Loved it and want to marry the man who did it. Apparently he's already married. Hughie did hit a few houses for some candy on the way home. There weren't many kids left, so he made out like a bandit because everyone was throwing in the rest of their bowls. And Hughie didn't quite understand that when people answered their doors and opened them, that it didn't mean he was supposed to go in and make himself at home. He went into three houses like that and it was pretty funny. Who's going to say no to that precious face??

I'm starting to see that Hughie's personality is much like my own. Not shy in the least and a bit crazy. He's such a performer and loves making people laugh. Georgia went to a Princess Party this past weekend and when i dropped her off Hughie begged to come back in his Spiderman costume. He went home, donned the costume and then went back to put on a show for the girls. I wish I would have taped it! Spiderman dancing with the princesses!!