Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Ugly Fall Weekend

It's always a bummer this time of year when it rains all weekend. There are so many fun things to do outside! Georgia had a really cool Girl Scout field trip planned, complete with hayride and spple cider, but it was cancelled. However, we managed to have a really nice, relaxing weekend despite the yucky weather. We carved pumkins to make jack-o-lanterns(I will post photos eventually), roasted the seeds, made Halloween cupcakes, made chicken veggie soup and we roasted marshmallows. And living in a house with an indoor pool makes life much easier, as well! We've gone swimming at least every other day the past couple of weeks. And when I say "swimming," I mean that then kids are in the pool burning theior manic enegery and Mommy is relaxing in the hot tub. I'm finally at a place after 5 years where both of my kids can swim without me holding on to them. Hughie's in a swim vest, but he gets around really well. He's a strong little swimmer!

We're heading down to Florida in a few weeks to greet Josh's beautiful new Brazilian bride as she enters the States. The kids are very excited to see Uncle Josh. They ask about him constantly! And I have a feeling they will love Patricia too, as long as they're not too jealous. ;)

And I'm finally going to post some pics that Emily took when she was here visiting me a few weeks ago. We had such an amazing time and she is such an amazing talent behind a camera. Enjoy!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Friends and Laughter

I spent a lot of time over the past two weeks connecting with close girlfriends. My best friend from high school, Emily, came in with her daughter, Kennady, for a 10 day trip. We had a blast just hanging out, swimming in the pool, eating Maple Donuts and taking lots of pictures. Emily has recently become a professional photographer (self taught) and has an amazing ability to take beautiful photographs. Georgia was a particularly willing model and did quite well with her photoshoots. She's a total ham, not sure where that comes from!!

While Em was here we spent time with our friends Lauren, Angie, Jodi, Paige and Ashley. We had some amazing lasagna at Lauren's house thanks to her fabulous husband Larry (for whom Hughie developed a particular affinity). We had some tasty Mexican food with Angie and Jodi, sans children, while my beloved Keoni graciously babysat Hughie, Georgia and Kennady. And, of course, Paige did not disappoint with her scrumptious gourmet brunch on Sunday. Throughout the week I was constantly reminded why Emily is so special to me and will always be able to make me laugh.

After Emily left, I immediately headed to Philly to meet up wtih Kara. We drove up to Hoboken, NJ to meet Betsy, Bree and Susan for a girls' weekend (aka, Susan's bachelorette party take two). We had so much fun and laughed until we all cried. I think my sides are still sore. Laughter really is the best medicine!!!!

And I pretty much blew off Bogie's birthday. She turned 34 last week and then went off to Ohio to visit Beth without me. I promise to make it up to her with lots of love and tortilla soup!!!!!!!!

Each of the women mentioned in this post have made a considerable effort in supporting me through the past year. They've held me hand, dried my tears, listened and advised without judgment. I am so amazingly blessed to have these people in my life. However, I have to take a lot of credit for surrounding myself with such fabulousness. Love you all more than words.