Thursday, July 23, 2009

Smashing Crabs

Last night we went out for crabs and Hughie discovered a new love - smashing crabs with a large, wooden mallet. As soon as we sat down he said, "SMASH CRABS!" and picked up the cracker. He then waited patiently for me to get the claw ready for smashing and then would smash the crap out of it. And while he was smashing it, he would be looking around the table like, "am I really allowed to do this? FREAKING AWESOME!" I also gave him his frist taste of crab (while watching for signs that his throat was swelling shut, epi pen in hand) and he loved it. Georgia still refuses to even try it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Georgia's First Tooth and Other Stuff

I just got back from a mini-vacation to Tampa. It was my first time flying childless in FIVE YEARS. You people with no kids have it so freaking easy!!! It was so easy I found myself seeking out women traveling alone with children to help.

While I was gone, Georgia lost her first tooth. It was really loose before I left, but I was hoping it would hold out until I returned. This was my first "first" of Georgia's that I missed and it was very sad for me. However, I know there will be more teeth. Apparently Georgia was eating celery at Grandma's and then went to show off her VERY loose tooth and it had vanished. She was told that the tooth fairy must have come and gotten it (rather than explaining that it was probably floating in her stomach next to some partially chewed celery). And even though the tooth fairy had already come to get the tooth, Georgia had to wait until she was alseep to get money under her pillow for the tooth.

Here are some more pics from our visit with Aunt Beth and her sweet boys.