Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fishing and Bowling

We've been experimenting with some new adventures lately, resulting in a lot of fun. We recently participated in a fishing derby and the kids got to fish in an overstocked pond and catch trout. Hughie caught one and Georgia caught four!! They got to hang out with their cousin Liberty, and had a blast.

Tonight we went bowling for the first time and Hughie broke a hundred! Granted we had bumpers, but it's still impressive. Hughie was particularly taken with the flourescent bowling shoes. Can't say I blame him.

We are anxiously awaiting the return of Mimi and Papa this weekend. It's been a long, dark 4 months without them. And the Revolution are back in season! Looking forward to going to lots of games this year, even if Keoni isn't playing. :(

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Painting Easter Eggs

My baby is three!

Hughie is three!! Where does the time go? Yes, we celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese, as per Hughie's request and he loved it.

To My Girls

You know who you are. Those amazing women in my life who support me and help keep my head above water. I feel like I have been such a slacker friend these past few months!! Yes I've barely had time to put pants on in the morning, but I want you all to know that I miss you and I do think about you. Betsy and Suz, congrats on your nuptials, you are both gorgeous and deserve to be deliriously happy. Lauren, what the hell? Where are you and why have we not gotten together to drink margaritas? Steffy, I can't believe how fast your babies are growing and how handsome they are. Beth, you look way to good to be pregnant with your third child and that is why I haven't called you. Jealousy. Emily, when's this year's trip to PA? Jodi, we'll catch up on Wednesday, we're going completely trash blonde for the srping and summer. Ashley, I still haven't met the puppies?!?!?! Let's work on that. Paige, you are awesome. That is all I have to say about you. Angie, I want to see the new place when you have a minute to spare between three kids and two jobs. Bree, COME VISIT ME. Kara, I hope you are still alive and your boys haven't buried you in a pile of chicken nuggets and sand toys. Bil, I'm here for you always. Kerry and Elene, Lancaster isn't THAT far away. Ok?? I need decorating help. Call me people. And I will try to call you back. Love you all.