Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kindergarten Orientation and First Day of School

This was a big week for Georgia and Hugh. Georgia had her kindergarten orientation on Monday and then her first real day of school on Tuesday. And they both started at a new daycare on Tuesday. Talk about a whirlwind of change for us!!

So kindergarten orientation was easy. Georgia got to ride a bus for the first time (with Mommy) and meet her teacher. She's wearing a flowered dress in the kindergarten orientation pics. But for her first day of school (bright pink outfit)when she realized that I was NOT getting on the bus this time and/or going with her to school, she was terrified. Luckily there were 3 other kids from her daycare who were going to the same class as she was. She sat with a sweet little girl named Jada on the bus. She would not smile for me (she put her head down), but she didn't cry either. Not only did I cry, but I kept crying on and off for most of the day thinking about my little baby off in her new world without me standing guard. It's so scary to let go!! But she loved kindergarten and didn't even hesitate to get on the bus this morning. Hughie wanted to get on the bus too, and threw a royal fit when I wouldn't let him. Georgia's favorite part about her first day was having her own change purse with her own money so that she could pay for her milk!

Hughie's first day of daycare was easy. We went to his room (with his new spiderman backpack on) and he just waltzed right in and said to me, "these are my friends?" Dropped his backpack and sat down at the table for a bowl of fruit loops. I was surprised because he's been having a lot of separation anxiety from me lately, but he did wonderfully! Then the second day when he realized that we weren't just there to play and that I would be leaving him like I had the day before, they had to pry his screaming body out of my arms. Not fun for Mommy.

Hopefully tomorrow will be easier and by Friday this should be a breeze! Tonight we saw a school bus and Hughie said, "There's Georgia's bus! When I big boy I ride bus and go to kindergarn!" His language has exploded.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photos from Brazil

So Josh is now "officially" married! His bride's name is Patricia (Pah-TREE-see-ah)and she will hopefully be joining Josh in the states when her marriage visa is approved in October. He traveled to Brazil earlier this month marry Patricia and to spend some time with her family. Welcome to OUR family, Patricia. I can't wait to meet you!!

Então, Josh é agora "oficialmente" casados! Sua noiva se chama Patricia (Pah-TREE-see-ah) e que ela será, espero, juntando Josh nos estados quando seu casamento visto é aprovado em outubro. Ele viajou para o Brasil no início deste mês casar Patricia e para passar algum tempo com a família dela. Bem-vindo à nossa família, Patricia. Eu não posso esperar para conhecê-lo!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Hughie was ecstatic when he saw his "new" (love Craigslist!!)bed yesterday! He didn't even want to eat dinner, he just wanted to go straight to bed. When it came down to it at bedtime, however, he did ask to sleep in his crib, but then changed his mind. He needed a little coaxing and a lullabye, but then he finally fell asleep in the big boy bed and didn't get out of it until 7! I thought for sure I'd have a few visits during the night, but all went well.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer in Pictures

Well, we've had a crazy summer with lots of major changes and adjustments. However, we've also had lots of fun at the beach, Revolution games and with friends. I've been taking a lot of pictures with my new iphone, so I wanted to post them here. I'm better about getting them on Facebook because I can upload them so easily from the phone.

Also, tonight is Hughie's first night in his big boy bed. I am putting Hugh and Georgia in the same bedroom and I spent the weekend cleaning out Jason's old room (aka the "workout room"). I hauled at least 10 leads of crap up the steps and then Mimi took it the rest of the way to the curb via golf cart.

I got Hughie a race car bed with Lightning McQueen sheets. He spent the weekend with Grandma, so he hasn't seen it yet. I can't wait for him to see it! I know tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. when he comes to wake me for the day I will regret my decision to upgrade to the big boy bed from the crib, but eventually he will adjust. Georgia seems to be really excited about sharing a room with Hughie. She's had a tough time sleeping by herself this summer, so hopefully this will help. We shall see . . .