Monday, January 17, 2011

Florida 2010

Right after Christmas we left for Florida. I wish i could tell you that the weather was AWESOME and that both kids didn't get double ear infections, but then I'd be lying. I think that I am cursed. This is three trips in a row with record low temperatures! But we got to hang with Mimi, Papa, Aunt Patricia and Uncle Josh and we had a great New Year's Eve, complete with a sparkling grape juice, Dick Clarke and fireworks on the beach. And we got to go to Lion Country Safari too. the kids loved that! We're headed back down in March for our first Dinsey Cruise, so keep your fingers crossed for good weather!

One funny story to share about Hughie. We were at the Ramp eating shrimp when a large breasted, tight clothed, heavily made-up, but very pretty girl walked in. As I watched all the men rubberneck as sha walked by, I noticed Hughie did the same! It really made me laugh. I had no idea it started so young. ;)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Holidays

The kids were so excited for and enchanted by Christmas this year. We spent a lot of time decorating the house, making paper snowflakes and reading Christmas books. Chuck insisted that we get a "real" tree this year. We wanted to start a new tradition with the kids where we would take them out to a farm, pick our own tree and chop it down. I was really excited about that, but for some reason every occasion we had a chunk of time to do it it was windy and bitter cold. Eventually we gave up, but next year for sure! We did get a chance to go to see the lights at Rocky Ridge with Grammy Lori and Pappy Chuck. Georgia really loved the lights and Hughie would have spent hours in the train house watching the toys trains go around the track.

This was my first Christmas with the kids waking up in their own home on Christmas morning. I felt a lot more pressure this year to make it really special! Gifts were wrapped and stored at Mimi's house and covertly transported to my house on Christmas Eve. After the festivities at Mimi's house, we went home and put the kids right into bed. Lately they've been sleeping together in Hughie's bed, so that's where they went. There was no protest, in fact, they may have hurried me along in getting them into bed. And I didn't hear a peep from them until about 7!I knew that the kids wouldn't dare get out of bed and risk Santa not showing, so we put the gifts out right away and went to bed ourselves.

When we all got up in the morning i told the kids that they couldn't open presents until Grammy Lori and Pappy Chuck showed up. Hughie struggled with this idea, and the second Grammy and Pappy walked through the door Hughie literally TORE into his pile of gifts. After that it's all a blur. Georgia was somewhat disheartened that she didn't get the motorized scooter that she asked for until I checked her stocking and realized that Santa left her a note. He told her that he left her something on the porch. We went out front and THERE WAS A SCOOTER! The scooter was a lot faster than Santa realized, so we're taking it as slow as possible. She also got a Nintento DSi from Mimi. She's growing up way too fast!! Hughie's big gifts this year were a train table from Mimi and a Leapster Explorer from Santa. Overall is was a wonderful Christmas and I can't wait for next year. ;)