Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rogers Family Ear Infection # 22

Apparently Hughie was a bit of a beast this weekend, and Chris thought it was just some new teeth coming in. He was right that Hughie has some molars coming in, but there was also a double ear infection contributing to my poor son's misery. What is it with these kids???? This is ear infection #6 for Hughie and #22 overall, including Georgia's 16 ear infections. I got to hold Hughie down this morning while TWO nurses stuck TWO needles in his chubby little thighs. Nothing like the sound of an infant screaming in pain to start your day off right. Hope you're feeling better soon, little man.

Speaking of starting your day off right, I took Maple Donuts to the teachers at the kids' daycare for Teacher Appreciation Week this morning. I figure there is no better way to ingratiate myself with the teachers than with fried dough slathered and/or filled with various glazes and frostings.

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