Thursday, May 15, 2008

My New Favorite Word

For Christmas Chris got a subscription to GQ and as much as the clothes and man-grooming features are great for Chris's metrosexuality, the articles are hilarious. Seriously, I love the GQ writers. I recently read an article about the "Girls Gone Wild" owner, Joe Francis, whose interview literally made my skin crawl. The writer described his antics as "jackassery" and I immediately thought, "THAT is my new favorite word." I fact, I plan to work it into as many conversations as I possible.

Here's a link to the Joe Francis article if you weren't already completely repulsed by the soft-core porn mogul/'Night In Paris'action hero:

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Lyssa Ireland Thomas said...

I want to start a new word in reference to Paris Hiltons' antics - "hobaggery" Whaddya think?