Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend Chris headed to LBI for a bachelor party. My only stipulation was, "NO LITIGATION." For those of you who don't get that one, Chris's bachelor party included a fight that resulted in years of litigation. No, it was not Chris, but one of his friends was jumped (in a case of mistaken identity if I understand correctly) and ultimately sued the bar (*cough* strip club* cough*) where the attack occured. I don't think the plaintiff ended up with much other than a nasty scar and attorneys fees, but I think it was certainly a lesson learned for all invloved. Chris reported that he had a blast (other than spraining his ankle again) catching up with old friends. We can't wait for the wedding!!

Meanwhile, Georgia, Hughie and I spent the weekend with Mimi and Papa. We went to Revolution games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, cheering on our favorite players - Keoni, Kaz and Enrique. Georgia is now obsessed with the Sumo fighting and absolutely LOVES the sumo superfly. I also think she's developing a healthy crush on Keoni. Join the club, G-Ro. Here are Kaz, Keoni and Enrique:

Saturday I took the kids to my 15th class reunion. It was a picnic at a beautiful park and we really enjoyed catching up wtih old friends. There weren't may of us there, but it made for a more intimate setting and was really relaxed. Georgia didn't want to leave and Hughie, of course, was attached to his pseudo dad Kevin, the whole time. Kevin looks a lot like Chris and I don't think Hughie noticed a difference. Later that evening, Hughie was miserable, so Georgia went to the Rev game without us. I think Hughie may have another ear infection, but since it's impossible to get an appointment with our pediatric practice, I guess we'll never know. But, I digress.

On Sunday, Georgia got her first ever sunburn on her shoulders. She was driving her Diego jeep around Mimi's driveway while I was cleaning out my van (for about thirty minutes). I didn't put sunscreen on her and now she has red shoulders and my goal for "no childhood sunburns" for my kids has been dashed. I should be shot, I know.

Monday Chris returned to us with a swollen ankle and a big smile. Hughie screamed with delight and shot across the room into Chris's arms upon his arrival. I really need to get that on video, because it's the sweetest thing EVER. After breakfast we headed to a Rodeo with the kids. Holy Pennsyltucky redneck convention. I saw enough chewing tobacco and knife holsters to last me a lifetime. In theory, the rodeo should have been exciting, but there were too many competitors in team roping and we lost interest very quickly. The bull riders were last and we were hoping to see a few, but the kids were too tired. We did see one guy with big muscles, spider web nipple tattoos and no shirt and that *almost* made it worth the trip, but I think we'll wait until the kids are older to hit the rodeo again.

We hit the country club for dinner and they spiced it up this year with a petting zoo and pony rides for the kids. Georgia loved riding the ponies. Hughie was allegedly busted to pulling a bunny out of his cage by his ears, but that's what happens when Papa is in charge. All in all a great weekend.

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