Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My house

Right now my house literally looks like a bomb went off. In addition to "yard sale central" living and dining room, I've completely cleared our masterbedroom, two bathrooms and a walk-in closet, in preparation for our remodel. ALL of that stuff is piled in our newly renovated office, which will now be out of commission for a few more months. Now, let's do some math. We have 4 bathrooms and three are completely out of commission, so that leaves one functional bathroom in our house. And it's tiny. And there's no storage in there but for a small medicine cabinet. And I am a total product whore, so bathroom storage is a serious issue. And we're sleeping in the guest bedroom in a QUEEN BED. I know it doesn't sound all that bad, but when you're used to sleeping in a king sized bed with a body pillow buffer from your husband's bony elbows, snoring and blanket stealing, we may as well be sleeping on top of each other in a twin. And not the "on top of each other" that's fun, either. We're married, remember? However, in a few months we will be finished all of our (indoor) renovation projects AND all of my closets will be neat, clean and organized. Maybe I'll even have a Christmas housewarming party!! Until then, pray for me.

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