Monday, September 8, 2008

Eating My Words

My recent comment that "boys are easy" was met with this:

You are so in for it!!! I have been trying to warn you but will you listen? No! I am prepared to laugh my pants off in another 5 months. (I know Kara will join me.) Oh, I look forward to that day. heeheehee (my evil laugh)

Thanks Beth! I'm already eating my words. Hughie's newest favorite word? "NO!!" Actually, it's "NO! NO! NO!" together with a shove. All of a sudden he's all about shoving Georgia (or me) out of his way to get to whatever. Georgia likes it because he's not all that strong (yet) and she knows he'll get in trouble for it. Sometimes she even leans in to make it easier for him to shove her. Fabulous!


Rachelle said...

Oh yes, I was thinking just you wait till that testosterone kicks in. We girls don't always get that unbridled, don't know how to control it boy stuff in our toddlers. Of course, nobody can make you feel as beautiful as your little boy can. They love us even on our feeling ugly days.

Beth said...

The laughing has begun... Gabe started out with "NO WAY!" Good luck, Mommy!