Thursday, September 4, 2008

My head is going to explode . . .

Hughie, aka "Mr. Manners" is now saying "please" (pees with a hand gesture that sort of looks like the proper sign) and "thank you" (ganku). He is also obsessed with wearing shoes (shoos). And even though Georgia just came back from the beach with Mimi and Papa, she's already talking about packing for her trip to Mimi's Florida house.

Our house is in complete chaos, inside and out (you've seen the outside pics). Our dining room is "yard sale central," complete with piles of stuff everywhere. Our living room is "kids clothes central" where I am trying to organize and hang clothes for the yard sale. Our contractor is going to start on the master bath NEXT WEEK which means I have to clean out our bedroom (including furniture), two bathrooms and five closets by Monday. Someone please shoot me. And did I mention that Hughie is attracted to neat piles of clothes like a moth to a flame?

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