Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The World's Biggest Sap

Today at lunch I dropped by the daycare to hand in a permission slip for G-Ro's field trip tomorrow. When I went to check on Hughie they had him in the TODDLER room. Not only did they have him in the toddler room, he was fast asleep on a mat in the middle of the room just like the rest of the "big" kids, not in a crib with babies. As Miss Rachel handed me his first "painting" from that morning, I started to cry. I was supposed to have a few more months before he graduated from the guppie to tadpole class - my boy is growing up way too fast. Time to start poking holes in my diaphram again. ;)

We also started a chore chart for Georgia in which she has the opportunity to earn stars for doing certain things like making her bed, getting dressed by herself, cleaning up her toys, etc. The BIG PRIZE is a trip to Chuck E. Cheese if she earns 60 stars. Nothing like a large, dancing rodent and skee ball for motivation! It's working like a charm too, especially because bad choices result in the removal of stars. I barely have to threaten star loss and Georgia jumps to attention. I wish I would have thought of this months ago!! Go team Mom.

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