Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Easy Baby

I don't think I realized what a difficult toddler Georgia was until this past week when it struck me how easy Hughie is. Yesterday I went to the gym and dropped off Hughie and G-Ro. Hughie just took off without looking back. Georgia was about the same age when I had to stop taking her to the gym. She would FREAK OUT every single time that I tried to put her in the Kids Club. Five minutes later someone would be seeking me out to say that Georgia needed to be removed from the premises as her screaming was making everyone's ears bleed. I didn't start taking her back until she was about three. Also, Hughie's most recent ear infection hadn't cleared up as of Friday, so he's on Augmentin (again). At a year old, Chris and I would have to literally double team Georgia to force the Augmentin down her throat. Hughie sucks it down like it's candy (I actually think he's hoping that it's the yummy grape Motrin that he loves). Giving him gross medicine is easy. Clipping fingernails? Again, it was a double team effort with Georgia, a lot like attempting to staple jello to trees, as I love to say. Hughie? He fights me for second and then gives up and lets me clip his nails. Hair washing? Anyone who knows Georgia well knows that to this day if you get water in her eyes in the bath tub she will scream. Loud, blood curdling screams. I'm not sure why, exactly, but she does. Hughie? He just kind of blinks at me after I dump water over his head - like, what the hell? But no screams. So for all you peeps out there with easy babies, here's hoping you have a Georgia!!! It's only fair.

Now, in Georgia's defense, she is the single most affectionate child on the planet. Every morning at 7:30 on the nose, she comes into our room and climbs into bed to curl up with me and tell me that I'll always be her best friend. And for that, I will forgive all.

"Remember when the sound of little feet was the music that we danced to week to week?"

- Alan Jackson

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