Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hard Habit to Break

I'm converting to Mennonism. Is that even a word? I want to become a Mennonite - and the "strict" kind. I was in Costco yersterday and I saw two Mennonite women in their very plain and simple dresses, no make-up, complete with a hair bun covered by a net. Any of you who know me know that I am fashion impaired, big time. When I do try to be trendy, I end up looking like a hot mess, to put it nicely. In the end, I always end up in some sort of neutral colored top with black pants. Always. Boring. Now, if I were Memmonite, I would have three dresses, white socks and sneakers. And that's it. I would be so freaking comfortable AND there would no longer be any stress with getting ready in the morning. You've put on a few pounds? No problemo, the dresses have no waistlines. So instead of buying a new wardrobe every time you pack on a few, you're saved by free flowing polyester. And think of all the money I would save! I will be honest with you though, as much as I would LOVE to give up make-up, I would have to at least sneak some concealer and perhaps a teeny bit of mascara.

But I guess that the point, isn't it? If we were all stripped down to the bare essentials and forced to be viewed as we really are, it would be pretty scary, wouldn't it? I guess I never really thought about how brave those women are for having the cajones to be plain. Speaking of cajones (this is not a joke), I saw a Mennonite woman THIS MORNING walking down the alley wearing an ankle length jean skirt, white socks, sneakers and a t-shirt that said, "I AM A HARD HABIT TO BREAK." I couldn't help but think about the poor, whipped Mennonite fellow who's heart she's probably stomped on. Serves him right for being allowed to wear normal clothes.

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