Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pittsburgh Weekend

This weekend we took a road trip to Pittsburgh to visit Bill and Louise. I feel a little guilty that this is my first visit out there (in 9 years), but we had such a great visit we're hoping to make it an annual thing. Hughie was completely enamored of Bill, of course, because they share the coolest middle name EVER. That and Hughie only likes men. For now, at least.

My nieces Carolyn and Kelsy are growing up so freaking fast. When I first met Chris they were just little girls and now Carloyn is thinking about college (*cough* F&M *cough*)!!!! We got a chance to watch Kesley play soccer this weekend and I thought Georgia might catch the fever, but she didn't really seem to get it. We also got to see Louise conduct a service at her Church (she is an ordained minister) and it was really cool to experience that. Hughie didn't exactly cooperate during the service, but that's to be expected. He's still not the greatest traveler, but we survived. I think I may be the only mother on the planet whose kids sleep no more than five minutes in the car, EVEN ON A FOUR HOUR ROAD TRIP WITH NO NAP. But, I digress. All in all, a great trip. Thanks Bill and Louise.

Mimi and Papa have finally returned from Florida. Mimi hasn't seen Hughie since before he could walk and now that he's running, so she's in for a shock. ;)

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