Sunday, April 6, 2008

My weekend

Susan's dance performance was a resounding success and her fans could not have been more, um, spirited. We even had signs (and a flask with vodka)! I know that Betsy videoptaped the cha-cha and I hope to get my hands on that clip for your viewing pleasure. I LOVED seeing my friends, but I think that my kids have sucked the fun out of me. I was all sorts of fired up to paint the town at the beginning of the evening and before I knew it it was midnight, I'm yawning and thinking about how nice that luxurious hotel bed will be. Energy is a precious commodity that I have in short supply these days.

And when we called to check on the kids I was informed that Georgia had a temperature of 103 and a sore throat. So not only did my saintly mother-in-law take my kids overnight for me (on her birthday!), but she had to deal with two sick kids. Thanks, Glo, you're the best.

These are some pics taken of my kids (and Grandma and Evie) while we were gone this weekend.

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