Thursday, July 31, 2008

Taking Professional Photos

Taking professional photos of a four year old and a one year old (at the same time)is pretty much impossible, or at least that is my opinion thus far. I took G-Ro and Hugh to Picture People last Friday morning and it was a nightmare. Georgia was relatively cooperative, but she didn't get that she had to be "on" the whole time and so when Hughie would finally smile, she's looking off to the side. If she was looking and smiling it was her cheeser grin (even though we practiced "nice" smiles before we went). Hughie was in a bit of a mood, so that didn't help either. This weekend he had another ear infection and it was probably bothering him Friday, I just didn't realize it yet. Regardless, I was getting so unbelievably frustrated that I thought I might run out to the middle of the mall and scream at the top of my lungs. The photographer was pretty bad too, so all in all it was a brutal experience. I knew there wouldn't be any good photos of them together. There was one that was ok, but it was taken from so far away that I wasn't interested in purchasing it (hello, photographer????). I did get one really cute one of Hughie. I will post it here eventually. So now that is 3 professional photo sessions (we tried two at Christmas time) in a row that I couldn't get ONE good picture of my kids. Ugh. I think I'll stick with my point and shoot for a while.

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