Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Escape Artist

Last night was an interesting one. Chris came home from West Virginia and was putting the kids to bed and I went across the street to my neighbor Liz's house to watch the movie 'Shag' with some friends. At about 9:30, as we're sitting there chatting and laughing, I hear a muffled, "MOMMY!" come from outside the house. Liz opens the door to find a hysterical, hyperventilating, barefoot, nightgowned Georgia. When she comes in I ask her, "does Daddy know you came over here?" She says, "yes." I figured that maybe she really wanted me so Chris walked her across the street and told her to come to the house. In retrospect, that didn't make a lot of sense considering that Liz's house is several hundred feet from ours, it was dark and Georgia was barefoot. Regardless, Georgia calmed down, ate some popcorn and ran off to play with Camden and Tucker. About 15 minutes later Liz spots Chris run-walking down the street. She runs out to tell him that Georgia is here with us. It turns out that Chris had put Georgia to bed and was upstairs unpacking in our room. When he went out to the kitchen later, the front door was wide open and Georgia was gone. I can only imagine the rush of adrenaline that he must have had!!

When we came home I explained to Georgia how dangerous this expedition of hers was, she could have fallen in the dark, been hit by a car or kidnapped! "Or a monster could have gotten me, right Mommy?" she asked. Heaven forbid, I shudder at the thought. I made her apologize to Daddy for scaring him so badly and then she went to bed without books. I hope she learned her lesson!!

I still can't believe that she actually left the house and walked across the street in her bare feet at NIGHT BY HERSELF. It's completely out of character for her!! Now Hughie? We'll have to put a tracking device on him and deadbolt all the doors and windows.

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Gagnon said...

Hey Amber, yes I remember you, it's been awhile! I just saw Ang a few weeks ago because she was visiting Utah, Emily couldn't make it. Your kids are so cute! Glad to see you are doing well!