Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Details

Last weekend we had the privilege of watching our dear friends Danny and Sheila get married in Philadelphia. Sheila was STUNNING (shocker there, I know) and the wedding was fabulous. Spending a couple of days with old friends (and without kids) was just what we needed! I took some pictures at the wedding, but they didn't turn out very well, so when I get some good pictures, I'll post them here.

After the wedding we headed to Wildwood. As much as I loved the break, I couldn't wait to see the kids. Georgia is absolutely obsessed with the beach and swimming. I don't think I've ever seen her as happy as she was when she was running in and out of the surf. Someday when I'm rich and famous I plan to have a house on the beach where I can walk the beach every day or sit and read a book. And that's all I plan to do. Well, that and maybe some margaritas. That would be a nice little addition to my fantasty, but I digress.

Georgia's also a LOT more brave and social than she used to be. She's definitely coming out of her shell. She loved the boardwalk and all of the rides. She REFUSED to go on any real "kiddie" rides, opting instead for roller coasters. Every time I would tell her that she was too small for one, she would burst into tears. She's a wild one, that Georgia! And a week in the sun (even slathered in SPF 50) brought out more of her olive coloring. She looks less like me than ever!

While Georgia got darker, Hughie got lighter. His hair lightened up quite a bit and I swear I did NOT put any Sun-in in his hair, although I considered it. I still think that he's going to be a "summer blonde" as a small boy. You all just wait, I'll have my blonde baby!! Speaking of Hughie - how freaking gorgeous is he? I can't even fathom what a stud he's going to be.

Hughie was pretty well behaved at the beach. He's so busy and into everything, but his temperament is very mild. That is, unless you take a popsicle away from him. Mimi gave him one and when it started to get too messy, she took it away and he ran after her in a fit of rage like I've never witnessed from a 15 month old. It was very amusing to watch. Hughie is also saying "Georgia" a lot more now and it's the sweetest sound ever. "Ja-ja?" He's also prone to goofy grins and running hugs. His favorite things in the world are his plastic golf clubs that he carries everywhere. Tiger Woods in the making? We shall see.

We also spent the week in Wildwood with my parent's "exchange" student from France, Karine. She loved the kids and was such a huge help to me while I was down there. I now know several ways to say "hot guy" in French.

Chris has camp the next couple of weeks, so I'm on my own with the kids. Looks like we're having McDonald's (or Old McDonalds's as Georgia's calls it) every night. Woo-hoo!

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