Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We've had a brutal heat wave this past week and no AC. Horrible!! We have fans everywhere, but it hasn't help much. Thankfully, we had our new AC unit installed today, so I'm setting the thermostat for 65 the rest of the summer. Did you ever try blowdrying your hair in 98 degree heat? It's a lot of fun. Especially when the sweat drips off your freshly showered face.

On Friday evening we took a family trip to Dutch Wonderland. We pretty much had the park to ourselves and got to go on the big rollercoaster and log flume with no line! That place has been a godsend this summer. We even got to see the Frog Prince show with the high-diving frogs. We sat in the front row of the "splash zone" and got pretty wet. Georgia love it but Hughie wasn't so sure. He's hit or miss with the water fun.

Hughie is talking a lot more these days. Here is his vocab list:

Georgia (Ja-ja)

Having a binky in his mouth most of the time isn't helping!

Last night was one of my most trying nights as a parent thus far. Georgia got a metal splinter in her foot and I had to take it out. After TWO hours of non-stop screaming, to the point that I actually considered taking her to the ER to have her sedated to remove the stupid splinter. She was beside herself with fear and screaming so loudly I CANNOT believe that the police didn't show. And it wasn't that the splinter hurt, it was that she was petrified that it was going to hurt when I took it out. We tried calmly talking to her. Rationalizing with her. Bribing her and then, ultimately, having Chris hold her down (kicking, screaming and thrashing) while I removed the splinter. Two seconds after it was out she was like, "oh, that didn't hurt." Meanwhile, her body was literally covered in a rash from screaming. Good times.

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