Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The drive up wasn't too bad, except for another splinter incident. We were eating at an Arby's on an outside wood table and I hear Georgia SCREAM. She shows me a tiny splinter in her hand that is sticking out about an inch. Well, not that far, but it would have been so freaking easy to remove! I tried to reason with her for a few minutes while she screamed (at the very top of her lungs), "IT'S GONNA HURT!! IT'S GONNA HURT!! IT'S GONNA HURT!!" and people started dialing Children and Youth Services on their cells. After that (remembering the last splinter incident) I told her that she was going to have to live with it. We would have been arrested for sure if we'd tried to remove the splinter like we did last time. Later that night it just fell out, but Georgia did have the opportunity to milk that splinter for a decent ammount of sympathy before it did.

Betsy's house in Canada is gorgeous and so relaxing. We were there with Betsy and her parents and another friend of mine, Kara, her husband and two sweet boys (Jack and Patrick). Georgia was in heaven with the beach and boat and BETSY. She actually got to go out on a small sailboat with Betsy and the "Captain" (Betsy's Dad). My friend Kara's little boy Jack dubbed him the "Captain" early on and it just stuck. We all went out a couple times on the motor boat and Georgia loved jumping the waves. She kept screaming when we would hit a wave and the Captain thought she was upset, but I explained that they were screams of delight! We took Hughie out too, but he immediately fell asleep and stayed asleep the whole ride. It was bumpy, but I guess to him it was like being back in the womb? The kid never sleeps ANYWHERE other than a crib, so it was quite interesting that the boat had that effect on him.

Jack and Georgia were quite the pair, wreaking havoc together. When they were on the boat, First Mate Jack (he drove the whole time) kept asking Georgia is she was ok. it was adorable. They had a few other concersations that were pretty hilarious:

Georgia (laying on the couch under a blanket): Jack, do you want to sleep with me?"

Jack: "I don't know."

Georgia: "Well, if you want to sleep with me you have to get under the covers now or I may change my mind."


Georgia (in the bathroom watching Jack pee and pointing to his boy bits): "I don't have one of those yet, but I'm going to get one. Hughie has a little one."

I really wish I'd had a tape recorder.

We went to Niagra Falls and it is always a wonder to behold. Georgia kept calling it the "Big Water Fountain." She just wanted to stand on the ledge and look at the fountain. She was intrigued with the 'Maiden of the Mist' boat and how close it got to the falls. While we were there we saw people from all corners of the world and heard at leat 20 different languages. There were even people hanging out with signs that said, "Free Hugs." Of course, I stopped got one. Who passes up a free hug? It was quite a nice hug, but I couldn't help but think that if the guy cops a feel I'm going to give him a crotch punch. But he didn't, he (and another woman) were just giving free hugs. Chris took one look at me afterwards and told me I was insane.

When it was time to leave on Monday, Georgia did not deal well with the prospect of parting with her beloved Betsy. But she survived and is now waiting (rather impatiently) for Betsy to visit us again.

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Lauren said...

I think if Hughie were any cuter, his name would be Kingston. Just sayin'.