Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Somehow, I Survived

Keeping up with my duties as the Road Warrior is starting to take it's toll! I had the busiest weekend EVER and somehow, I survived. Friday I went to Dutch Wonderland with Beth, her mom and her sweet boys - Joe and Gabe (aka Mini Rob). Georgia and Gabe had a blast, but Joe was a bit weary of the rides. We had a lot of fun so I think we're going to get season passes for the rest of this year. It's relatively cheap and includes access to the park, the water lagoon (i.e water park) and their festivities in the fall and at Christmas.

Friday night was the Annual Mexican Party/ Movie Night across the street. We had a blast hanging with friends. We didn't go home until 11:30. Hughie was quite the party animal - still going strong HOURS after the other babies were long gone. Georgia insisted on wearing her ballet costume to the party (it's hot pink, orange and yellow, so I thought, why not?). Accordingly, Riley wore hers and they were tearing it up in flashes of flourescent pink and orange. The food was great, even if I did fall off the Atkins wagon for a brownie. Thanks Beck! However, I'm now fully recovered and back in the swing.

Saturday was a blur of parties. We started at Barrett's house, then went and delivered Kathleen's College Survival Pack (congrats!!) and then headed to Maya's 7th birhday party. That girl is growing up so fast, it's unbelievable. Chris finally made an appearance, so we left the kids with Mimi and headed off to the Blues Traveller concert - which was amazing. We even went out after the concert for a few drinks and saw a bar brawl. Man I love York.

Sunday I decided NOT to host a Father's Day bbq at my house (we still have no air conditioning) and let my mom handle it. We went to the Barnstormer/Revolution game and then back to my mom's house for food and friends. Happy Father's Day everyone!!

Monday I attempted to recover, but when you have a one year old who DOES NOT STOP MOVING EVER and a four year old who DOES NOT STOP WHINING EVER, recovery is a tall order. Luckily I had Mimi to help me! I think I'm going to take it easy this weekend and stay home.

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