Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Reason to Love Tim McGraw

Before we discuss Tim, I wanted to comment on my two sweet, beautiful children. I want to profess to the world that I could never have imagined the insane love I have for these two. They are my heart, soul and world, even if they drive me a little crazy.

Hughie is now 15 months old and is everywhere and into everything. He loves anything that has to do with sports. We could have 100 toys in the yard and he will always go for the basketball, baseball bat or golf club. He likes trucks, but if there is any sporting equipment in the vicinity, that's what he wants. He is also eating with a fork (for real, he stabs stuff and gets it cleanly to his mouth). I guess the love of sports and hand/eye coordination is in the blood? He's also signing for more (he LOVES to eat) and gives me kisses. He has a few words in his vocabulary including Mommy, Daddy, Ja-ja (Georgia), baby, ball and boobie. "Boobie" is actually his best word. Not sure if I should be reading into that. He's babbling a ton more now that his ears are clear. He's been a bit of a crab lately, but he's got four molars coming in right now so he's entitled. Motrin is our friend.

This weekend we're going to a wedding, but Mimi and Papa are taking the kids to the beach and we're meeting them there after the wedding. Georgia is practically beside herself with excitement about the beach. It's all she talks about. Every time she sees a plane she asks if it's going to the beach in New Jersey? We're also enjoying our season pass to Dutch Wonderland (thanks Mimi!!). We went to the water park for the first time on Monday and the kids LOVED it. It's totally geared towards little kids and they have a section for toddlers that is perfect for Georgia and Hugh with tiny slides and water fountains. It's so much easier than chasing Hughie around a pool worrying that he's going to fall in the whole time. Georgia is still a very shy and sensitive girl, but a lot of people have commented to me lately that she seems to be coming out of her shell a bit more. However, she still doesn't deal well with separating from me. She goes to daycare three days a week, adores her teachers and loves her classmates, but she still struggles when I drop her off. This morning one of the girls in Georgia's class commented (a little snottily), "Georgia ALWAYS cries when her Mommy drops her off," and then rolled her eyes. I was a little shocked and one of Georgia's teachers gave the girl the hairy eyeball and said, "Georgia is just quiet." And so it begins.

Ok, now on to Tim McGraw. We didn't really need any more reasons to love him, but apparently he was onstage this weekend and noticed a portly man harassing a woman in the front row. He literally grabbed the guy and got security to drag the guy onstage and out of the concert. LOVE HIM. And I'm still loving Faith for calling out the hooker who grabbed her man's package during a concert. Rock on.

Here's the URL for the video if you are so inclined:

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