Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hughie Loves Men

Yesterday's surgeries went very well and both patients are happy as clams today! Hughie didn't even need the medicine that makes you act REALLY drunk to go back to surgery. Why, you ask? Because he loved the anethesiologist and hopped right into his arms. We're still debating whether Hughie's love of men is because he's a Boys Boy or the complete opposite. Time will tell, I guess. ;) In the mean time, he is the cutest boy ON THE PLANET. He's into everything, everywhere, all the time, with a smile. He's so sweet and affectionate. I really need to videotape his reaction when he sees me or Chris for the first time in a while. There's a high pitched screech, huge grin and lots of giggles, followed by his adorable old man with stiff hips run towards his target. I just can't get enough.

Georgia did really well with the surgery but for showering a nurse. Apparently when Georgia received her Tylenol suppository, her body thought it would be a good time to pee. Luckily, the nurse was a good sport. The real down side was that Georgia's panties were soaked (and subsequently removed) and when she woke up she screamed I NEED FRESH PANTIES NOW for about 30 minutes straight. Note to self, for future surgeries, always pack an extra pair of fresh panties.

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