Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's been a while

Sorry I've been slacking with the updates for a while, but this past week seems like a whirlwind. First, we saw the ENT last week and both of my babies are scheduled for tube surgery tomorrow, prayers are appreciated! I just hope this means that we will be ear-infection(read, MISERABLY SICK CHILDREN)free for a while.

Georgia had her second visit to the dentist, but her first real teeth cleaning. She was very nervous, but this time we took her to a pediatric dentist and she just sat back and watched Shrek while her teeth were cleaned. The whole staff was really awesome about making Georgia comfortable. Georgia was an angel and they told us that her teeth were surprisingly clean and healthy. Thank you Oral B for your Ariel spin brush!! Even Georgia's thumbsucking hasn't made a major impact on the structure of her teeth or palett.

We spent the weekend at Mimi's because we have no AC. When we had our new system put in this winter, we decided to wait to install the new AC unti until we could do some lanscaping in the area where we wanted to put the unit. We did not expect a 7 day heat wave in the first week of June! Fortunately Mimi's air conditioning was working. We spent a lot of the weekend in the pool at the country club. Georgia literally spent about 8 solid hours in the pool, emerging briefly to scarf down a grilled cheese or chicken fingers. Hughie liked the pool a good bit too, but not like Georgia. I still don't think Hughie is up to par with his ears. I can't wait for them to get all of that junk cleared out tomorrow!!

So that's the update for now. I have some pics to post when I have a chance to get them off the computer.

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