Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hughie is Ambulatory

Fully. This past week he has gone from a lot of walking to mostly walking. And with his new mastery of skills comes the "restaurant high chair monster." I was just looking at Hugh a few weeks ago and wondering when he would start to become difficult in restaurants. We went to Outback last night with Papa and Hughie's sweet disposition was replaced with crazy baby! In his defense, it was 6:00 and a school day (he never sleeps as well at school). Normally he would have been concentrating on eating as much food as possible, but I found out this morning that he had eaten an enormous lunch (including 5 meatballs). Ultimately, we had to pull the old divide and conquer - Chris walked Hughie whilst I wolfed down my (very delicious and perfectly cooked) steak and then we switched positions. I can still remember dreading taking G-Ro to restaurants. I would have rather stayed home and banged my head against a wall, but Mimi and Papa are restaurant goers, so we had to suck it up from time to time (and I'm sure we will again).

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