Thursday, March 13, 2008

Act of God

We've had some crazy weather this past week and on Saturday, Chris got a call that two huge pine trees had fallen over at our rental property and one had smashed a car (on the adjoining property). We got the insurance guy out there and some tree guys to remove the trees. Of course, our insurance covers nothing. Because the tree was perfectly healthy and we were not negligent in maintaining the tree, the entire thing was deemed an "act of God." What that means for the poor guy whose car was smashed is that our insurance won't cover his car. Nor will we pay our of pocket (remember, it was God's fault). Unfortunately this guy doens't have collision on his car and so he's screwed. Poor guy is a rural mail carrier, parks his car at the post office when he's not working and BAM a tree falls out of the sky and he's carless. I'm trying to see if I can get the post office property owner on the hook for the car. There's got to be insurance coverage somewhere!! So today's lesson is that it's stupid to not have collision coverage on your auto insurance policy, especially if you haven't been paying your tithing.

So today when I call Chris about my intense burning hatred for msn, he says, "I'm more worried about the rental property (i.e. getting some reimbursement for the tree removal) right now." "You're more worried about $500 than four years of our family's memories?" I reply (read SCREAM). "I guess we just have different priorities," He retorts. You think??

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