Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Swim Lessons

Georgia had her first official swim lesson last night and performed splendidly! She was excited, but nervous, and kept telling me that she would NOT go in the pool without her vest. However, when the time came, she and 5 other vestless kids went into the pool without hesitation. They have a very small, warm pool and the kids all sat along the edge while the instructor did different things with them (slowly getting them comfortable with the water) like floating them on their backs and having them kick with a kickboard. Georgia put her head under the water FOUR times! She struggled with it (we've kept her head out of the water for almost five years now thanks to three sets of ear tubes), but did it anyway. I think in a few more months she'll be swimming vestless without a problem. That will definitely take a load off me this summer!

As an added bonus to last night's success, the mother of one of the other kids in the class is a really cool lady I met through a close friend of mine. Now I have a cool mom to chat with on Monday evenings for the next couple of weeks!

We also recently purchsed Madagascar 2 and have been watching it on our numerous road trips. Georgia's favorite scene is when the big, studly hippo Moto-Moto is singing about his female hippo preferences (in a super deep, Barry White voice). "I like em big, I like em CHUNKY!!" Georgia loves to traipse around the house singing it and Hughie even chimes in on the "chunky" part. It cracks me up every time! Speaking of chunky, can we get Lindsey Lohan to eat a burger, please? Thanks.

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