Thursday, December 3, 2009


Ok, so last night I'm talking with my long lost college roomie Steffy (Happy Birthday!) and she tells me that she checks my blog every morning to see if I've updated. So now the pressure is on! Just kidding, but I need to get better about updating. Life has been crazy, as most of you know. I bought a new house a few weeks ago and I have been busy lining up a painter, picking out flooring and carpet and new kitchen cabinets. Because this is the THIRD time I'm doing this, I'm pretty decisive about my choices. It's been much easier this time around!

So the painting starts next week and then I'll get the flooring installed. I'm hoping to use the last two weeks in December to get most everything moved from the Lancaster house to the new house. And, no, the Lancaster house hasn't sold yet. So everyone say a little prayer for me on that one!

And because I didn't think my life was crazy enough, I got a new job. I will be clerking for Judge Elect Ness, starting January 4. I love clerking and need to go back to work full time, so this is a good fit for me right now. I'm actually really excited about it!!

So, about that Twi-hard reference. I was sitting in Georgia's bed earler this week reading her a book and she points to her wall and says, "look!" And I see that she has a picture of Edward and Jacob TAPED TO THE WALL. She says, "they are SOOOOOO cute Mommy!" I ask, "which one do you like better?" "Both!" she replies. Oh Georgia/Bella, it's a tough decision, but I'm on team Jacob. THIS CHILD IS FIVE YEARS OLD AND ALREADY BOY CRAZY. I am so in for it.

Hughie is the same sweet, goofy clown he's always been. He asked me if he could drive his race car bed to the new house! I think if I loved my kids any more my heart would burst.

And note to my dear friend Paige. When you invite me over to your house, make me a fabulous gourmet meal, share your wine and sweet loving self, you do NOT write ME a thank you note. I know I'm fabulous and all, but seriously? You are just the sweetest person alive and I love you. I love all you girls out there, you know who you are (and Bil)!!!!!


Steph said...

Just to confirm that I am regularly checking in! Love the new post- great talking to you yesterday! Miss and love you!

Ashley said...

I am checking in too!
Love ya honey!

Lauren said...

Another loyal follower, just checking in :)