Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Surrogate Grandmother

This morning I had an interesting conversation with Georgia. I often tell her that she'll always be my baby, even when she's a mommy herself (in response to her insistence that she is NOT a BABY). This morning she asked, "I'll always be your baby, even when I'm a mommy, right Mommy?" And I said, "yes, even when you're a GRANDMOTHER, you'll still be my baby. When your daughter has a baby, you'll still be my baby." She chewed on that for a moment and replied, "well, I want YOU to have my babies because I think it would hurt to push them out."

Obviously she's been pondering the logistics of childbirth and has figured out that if the removal of a teeny tiny little splinter throws her into full-blown hyperventilating hysterics, childbirth is not going to be fun.

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