Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer 2012

I wish I were better at keeping this thing updated. My last post was about my wedding in January!! So, let's catch up. Georgia started playing piano in the spring and is going to weekly lessons. I really hope she sticks with it because it is one fo those lifetime skills that everyone wishes they had. Everyone regrets either not taking lessons, or stopping them too soon, etc. We shall see. She seems to be picking it up pretty easily so far! Hugh played t-ball in the spring as well. It was pretty hilarious to watch because the entire outfield of kids would run for every ball and fight over who is going to pick it up, giving the hitter more than ample time to reach the base. Hugh is actually better at hitting a ball that is pitched to him than one on a t, but Chuck assures me that the t is critical for developing basic hitting skills. Hugh definitely enjoyed baseball and I'm sure he'll want to play again next year. Georgia decided to swim on the ODCC swim team this year. I was shocked, to be honest, she's shyed away from anything competitive. I think she liked the team suit!! So we went to the first practice and she refused to even think about getting in the pool. The second practice, she got in the pool and did fine. Her first meet was at Hershey Country Club and I arrived right before her first evernt - 25 meter freestyle. She was crying and incredibly nervous. I did not think she would actually go thorugh with it, but she wiped her years and mounted the starting block. Her start was slow, last off the block. However, she made up for lost time and ended up getting a VERY close second place. After that, she was fine with competing. She swam breaststroke and relay, getting another second place and a first place. I was so incredibly proud! And not so much of the fact that she was good, but that she overcame her fears to even dive off the block! A major hurdle for her emotionally, for sure. She will be attending theater camp next week and I will be curious to see how she overcomes her shyness onstage. This past weekend we went to Canada for Henry's first birthday celebration with my college besties Kara, Betsy and Bree. It's the first time we've all had our children together and it was wonderful! My only complaint is that the time was way too short.

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