Thursday, September 15, 2011

Facebook has ruined my blog

So instead of updating my blog, I put everything on Facebook. This does not bode well for my journaling here, so I'm going to try to be better about my blog!! Now i have my laptop and wifi at work, so that should help. This summer was a crazy one, lots of interesting things happening. It was my first summer sharing custody of the kids. This was very difficult for me because we have never been apart for more than a few days. As a result, I was definitely in a major funk when the kids were gone. It felt like half of my heart was missing. But, I did manage to get back in better shape. I still have a good way to go, but now I have some serious incentive. a WEDDING! On August 3, 2011, while we were spending our first full day at the beach with the kids, Chuck taps me on the shoulder and points up at the sky. I look up to see an airplane pulling a banner that says, "Amber - will you marry me? I love you! Chuck" I was very much caught off guard and by the time I registered what was going on, Chuck was on one knee with a beautiful diamond ring. It was so sweet, heartfelt and unexpected. Georgia came running over to us to ask if the sign was for me! Lots of people were watching and cheering, wishing us well. It was perfect. And later that day Chuck looked at me and said, "whatever crazy plans you have for the rest of your life, I'm all in." I am a very lucky girl!!!

Other than our beach vacation, which included parasailing and a dolphin cruise, we spent a long weekend Canada visiting Aunt Betsy for her baby shower, a long weekend in Raystown with Jason, Andrea, Maya and Ava and a long weekend crabbing in Delaware with Grammy and Pappy. The kids LOVE being on the water and especially love rock jumping and crabbing. Georgia is a strong swimmer not and Hughie is swimming without a vest. It's strange to both kids swimming on their own at the pool! They both also learned to ride bikes without training wheels this summer.





As much fun as we had this summer, I was so relieved for the school year to start and for me to have the kids back with me most of the time. Hugh is playing soccer, but the crazy rains have really put a damper on that. Both kids are also doing gymnastics. Georgia wants to be a gymnast when she grows up. I wonder how many 6 ft professional gymnasts there are out there?? Georgia started second grade at Trimmer with Mrs. Wolf, who is amazing. We got really lucky on that one! And Hugh stated pre-school at Shiloh UCC. He loves going to school with a backpack.

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