Friday, March 11, 2011

We were robbed

Chuck is now pretty much moved in with us. He has a HUGE jar of change (probably 40 lbs) that he brought over and put under his night stand in our bedroom. Generally at the end of the day, Chuck puts his change on the night stand and then into the jar. That is unless Hughie gets to it first. He is determined that Chuck must "share" his money with Hughie so that Hughie can fill his piggy bank. Hughie can be quite convincing.

So last night Chuck calls in a panic. Did you move the money jar? Nope. It's too heavy for the kids to move, it must have been stolen.

So now I'm going through the possibilities. Our honest as Abe Lincoln contractor working on the basement? Our sweetest woman on earth cleaning lady? Some crazy drug addict off the street? Just about the time I have myself convinced that it must have been a shady subcontractor in the basement, I decide to ask Georgia if she moved it. She gets a devilish grin on her face. It's in my playhouse, she says!! And I ask her, how on earth did you move it???? She and Hughie have this bear "thing" that's kind of like a lay down rocking pillow that is hard and curved with a stuffed head and arms attached. They often move large objects around the house in this by placing the object on the bear and then slowly sliding it. Same with the jar of coins. Sure enough, they had it stashed in the playhouse. Hughie's defense? Chuckie doesn't need any money. We were so relieved but more amazed at their ingenuity!!!!! My kids are brilliant. Of course.

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